- a polemic, satirical music theatre show freely adapted from Hans Christian Andersen


THE EMPEROR | Livingstones Kabinet

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Welcome to the The Emperor, a provocative and imaginative post-dramatic interpretation of Hans Christian Andersens “The Emperors New Clothes” for adults. 

Drawing inspiration from the politically-motivated epic theatre of Brecht and Piscator, The Emperor is a piece of polemic music theatre about living in a world full of lies and lying

The Emperor is a direct commentary on our contemporary political landscape. 

With original live music, song and a powerful visual staging, The Emperor is funny, topical, and deeply scary.

A perfect political bullseye...warmly recommended...impressively good...this month's best hour....

Livingstones Kabinet present us with a virtuosic portrait of all emperors the world has seen

The Emperor is a modern, musical, starkly political reinterpretation. There could hardly be a clearer metaphor for the political challenges we face, especially now.  Den4Væ

The scenic expression sweeps you away with its beauty. This is surrealism on speed.This is deeply professional, scarily vital  - and delightful. A treat for seasoned  theatregoers.

Onstage. Troels,Kortegaard Ullerup, Birgitte Prins, Pete Livingstone, Bebe Risenfors 
Childrens Chorus (Rumle Charlie Hougaard Landgreen, Ronja Wium Petersen, Lily Allen, Molly Kareis Livingstone, Lili Klüver Rongsted)

Director: Nina Kareis
Set and Costume Design: Julie Forchhammer
Composer/Writer Pete Livingstone & H.C Andersen
Light Design: Mikkel Jensen
Sound Design: Baldur Kampmann

Duration: 1hr.10 min. no interval

Produced by Livingstones Kabinet in collaboration with Teater V og Den Fynske Opera.

Background Material (in Danish) to KEJSEREN (THE EMPEROR) (PDF)

The show is a co-production between Livingstones Kabinet, Teater V and Funen Opera. We gratefully acknowledge support from The Danish Arts Foundation, The Danish Actors Union, Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgårds Fund, AP Møller Fund, Copenhagen City Council Stage Arts Committee and Koda Dramatik.