Voices From the Cabinet




Premiere at Horsens Teater Festival 15th September 2023
Voices From the Cabinet is a small-scale piece, a kind of etude or vignette.  Three young people living in Denmark, all of whom have experience of fleeing from conflict, tell about moments and experiences from their lives before and after moving Denmark. Production students from  The Danish National School of Performing Arts  (DDSKS) have, in collaboration with  Nina Kareis and Pete Livingstone from Livingstones Kabinet, created three cabinets, in which stories are brought to life using object animation theatre, led by original music and a recorded narration by the young people themselves. Voices From the Cabinet is a collaboration between  C:NTACT, The Danish National School of Performing Arts  and  Livingstones Kabinet. The project grew out of an initiative in which young people from C:NTACT and Livingstones Kabinet got together at at Horsens Teaterfestival in 2022.
Narration, stemmer: Malek Al-Ranes, Sami Masoud, Ana Azari
Narration, developmentg: C:NTACT
Composer: Pete Livingsone
Idea and direction together with students from DDSKS: Nina Kareis
Participants: Elever fra Den Danske Scenekunstskole:Realisering: Molly Sofie Henningsen, Johanne Engbirk, Freja Wrang Gammelgaard, Klara Sjöholm
Ledelse: Anna Gohr, Clara, Christian Henckel Lund Nielsen, Laura Cornelius Petersen, Rosa Christine Stolpes