a DADA revolution 

Premiered 23rd September – 14th October 2017 in Warehouse 9 Copenhagen

ON TOUR IN DK/DE spring 2020 (see calendar)

100 years ago the DADAists ran rampage in the artistic world, and 100 years ago the October revolution took place in Russia, changing the world for ever. Inspired by two important revolutions - one artistic and one political - Livingstones Kabinet will launch a world revolution. 

We will aim laughter and ridicule at those who wield power, such that they will be reduced to trembling, fearful wrecks. We will bang our drums to drown out the racket of their wars and bombings.We will dissolve language until it contains even less meaning than their formless prattle. We will dance with a physicality much more powerful than their contrived gesticulations.  

Come and join us as we start this revolution NOW!

"100 years ago, the DADAists said that art can contain the seeds of uproar. Livingstones Kabinet remind us that we should always keep this in mind.".Frederiksborg Amts Avis

"Beautiful, funny and thought-provoking. Both full of meaning and devoid of all meaning." den4væg.dk

Loved every second."  Kulturkongen.dk

"The physical embodiment of the DADAists overlooked revolution." Sceneblog

Performers:  Pete Livingstone, Nina Kareis, Troels Hagen Findsen, Amia Miang, Ole Håndsbæk Christensen og Bebe Risenfors
Director: Nina Kareis 
Set and Costume Design: Julie Forchhammer 
Composer: Pete Livingstone
Choreography: Adelaide Bentzon